The first of its kind, Virtual, Online Vintage Volkswagen show was hosted last month by The Vdub Hub on Facebook, and was a bigger success than we ever imagined. We had 210 Facebook followers, from every corner of the world, submit photos of their Vintage VWs and any other Aircooled vehicles, including Porsche, specialty Coachbuilt Volkswagen cars like the Hebmüller and kit cars such as Dune Buggies. We even had a Volkswagen Kübelwagen. Hundreds more showed up for the show, which took place early on Sunday morning, January 31. We didn’t expect such a large turnout for a show of this kind, especially for the first time. We expected the numbers would be around 50 or so submissions- and that alone would have made our day.

We believe that this show is the first to set a trend for what might become the future of all car shows.
The beauty of this virtual and conceptual car show is that anyone Volkswagen Enthusiast, from any part of the world, can come together in one space to show off their Aircooled rides and look at what other people in the world are driving.

Visitors to the online show were able to browse all the Vdubs from the comfort of their home computer or on their mobile devices, as long as they were Facebook members.
Setting a new standard, this VW show was 100% FREE, there was no admission fee for entering or participate in the event. All VWs were judged unbiasedly by the online visitors; on the day of the show and not by The Vdub Hub. Participants in the show had the opportunity comment on their own cars, leave comments on other cars and share the Virtual show link with their Facebook friends. We encouraged everyone to vote (in the form of LIKES) for all the cars they liked, and final votes were tallied up at the end of the day.
To recap the numbers, we had 127 Type-1 VW Beetles, 46 Type-2 VW Buses and Bay Window Buses, 13 entrees in the Type-3 Karmann Ghia, VW Fastback, VW Squareback and VW Notchback category, 2 Baja Bugs, 4 custom Coachbilt cars, 4 Porsche 356 and 4 VW Thing.

The show was promoted through the Vdub Hub’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, so we were able to reach a very large audience through our Social Media streams. In addition, The Vdub Hub gave away some of our own FREE, branded promotional merchandise, awarding first place winners from every category and 5 runner’s up.

We believe this type of online virtual VW show could be the next wave of future car shows and we’d like to believe that we are the first to pioneer an event like this. Not that we feel it could ever replace the excitement of actually attending a real, LIVE car show, but it does offer certain advantages that traditional shows could ever offer, the most important being the opportunity to appeal to a larger, world wide audience.

We hope to see you at the next, Virtual, Online Vintage VW show! VDH