2015 Herrkooled 4th Annual Vintage VW Poker Run in Temecula, California

Raise your glass and toast Seb Schmit of HerrKooled, for organizing the 4th annual Poker Run in Temecula, California.

The weather held out for us yesterday as dramatic storm clouds pushed their way into Southern California, but that didn’t seem to deter any of the drivers from showing up to the 4th annual HerrKooled Poker Run in their classic Volkswagens beetle and buses.

Eager to get under way, participants began showing up early than expected at Freebirds Burritos in Temecula; and before long, the parking lot was overtaken by VW Vans, Beetles and other aircooled Volkswagen models. The line for picking Poker numbers began forming as Dub drivers picked up their sponsored rally goodie bags and rally license plates. Soon after, we were on our way to the first stop of the day.

Volkswagen of Murrieta dealership went above all expectations, with welcoming hospitality, coffee and pastries furnished by Beignets food truck “The Beignet Truck”, VW goodie bags with a T-shirts, logo’d mug and a 2016 calendar were given to the attendees. The V-dub drivers were having a blast as VW buses, beetles and other aircooled classics took over the parking lot, making it look more like a classic auto show rather than an auto dealership.

Once everyone was tanked up on coffee, cards were drawn and it was time to roll on out to our second stop, the Garage Brewing Co. We took a scenic cruise down Jefferson Avenue and through historical Old Town Temecula.

The Garage Brewing Co serves up some outstanding craft beers, but the special draw might actually be their artisan style pizza. The concept of a pub/pizza joint isn’t anything new, but The Garage Brewing Co puts their own spin on their pizza by kustom building your fast fired pies; any way you like them. Lou Kashmere, owner, tells us that the key to the success is in the imported pizza dough and bounty of fresh toppings.

So on to our next stop, the beautiful Wine Country of Temecula , where the last three winery stops were awaiting us.

VW enthusiasts funneled down small dirt roads that overlooked the miles of fertile land that produces some of the most delicious wines in So-Cal. Danza Del Sol hosted us at their beautiful Barrel room. Participants parked everywhere amongst  acres of vineyards.

Those smiles were not going to go away yet, we invaded the whole bottom parking lot of the second winery on our route in a colorful mix of aircooled engine noise, dust and warm sun at The Masia de la Vinya Winery. They offered us their best wine and an excellent Sangria which was totally appropriate to the moment, wonderful view of the countryside, happy people everywhere, could we ask for more?
Well yes, obviously!… time to go for the last big cruise of the day going through the whole Wine country, the sun descending slowly between big clouds on the horizon, lemon groves on one side, vineyards on the other to finally reach the Europa Village Winery and work a little more on those smiles. Last stop before the final draw. Parking lot was once again full of our special insects and a special reception for us, beautiful patio, great wines and flowers definitely helped to fill us with that Love we were talking about a little earlier. Kisses and hugs, great talks, new and old friends, just like a big Family.

But it was time to go and end this beautiful day… Cruise back to Freebirds Buritos under a nice heavy rainfall that stopped and dried up right away, yes, just like that, just for us.

Everyone made it safely and could start to attack the very welcomed burritos while the team was drawing the cards and preparing for the raffle, thanks to Ottoparts Warehouse, Oldbug.com, BugIn.com, TheVdubHub.com, AirKult Classics, GemVw.com, Mark Grays and all the wineries for the great donations!

Awards were given to the best three hands and the worst one to a rounds of great applause and laughs, congratulations to the Winners and the Loser ! Congratulations to all the raffle winners, kuddos to Rick and Devin who turned their raffle winning back proof once again what a good community we are, and surely thanks to everyone who came to share that happiness with us. Night was here and the smiles started to go down, time for the last hugs and kisses of the day, to say goodbye and go home to wonder if there may be a card game that involved more than five cards…

We’ll be sure to be here next year,
The Vdub Hub

Words by Seb Schmit With The Vdub Hub