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The Vdub Hub, in association with The Vintage Volkswagen Club of America and Rare Vintage Air Car Club, hosts our first annual "RALLYE RARE-AIR". The event is scheduled for Saturday, October 10, 2020. At this time, we’re withholding the actual location and route details until we get closer to the Rallye date. What we can disclose is that the event will take place in a very picturesque and scenic location, North of Los Angeles county, and should cover approximately 50-60 miles. 

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the uncertainty of the Coronavirus and potential circumstances beyond our control, this event may be postponed or canceled at any time. Anyone officially registered will receive email updates on the status of this event. You will not lose your place in line once you have pre-registered. We ask that ALL participants respect social distancing guidelines and the safety of others by wearing protective masks and following County and CDC protocol.

The event was originally limited to 100 Air-Cooled only vintage automobiles, but due to an overwhelming interest in drivers wanting to participate, we've increased the registration list to 200 automobiles. The event will now include any make or model, such as Volkswagen, Porsche, Corvair, Citroen, Fiat, Tatra and NSU Prinz, as long as the motor is air cooled and the car pre-dates 1976 (there or about).

We'll attempt to capture the spirit of traditional Euro-Style Rallies but on a smaller scale. Drivers will receive their official Rallye Rare-Air numbered license plate for the front of their cars and official  Rallye number for their door panel.

To participate, each car interred into the Rallye must occupy one driver and one navigator passenger. No solo drivers will be allowed to participate in the Rallye.

This is a competition Rallye based on driving and navigation skills, not speed. Drivers are required by law to obey all city and county traffic laws and posted speed limits.

The Rally Rare-Air will take place through an undisclosed scenic route in Los Angeles County, California, and last the entire day.


Is there a registration fee? Yes. Depending on our sponsorship participation, you can expect to receive an email request for a participation fee for approximately $50.00 which covers a free lunch for (2) Rallye participants, (1) door panel Rallye numbered graphic, (1) aluminum embossed Rallye license plate and a swag pack of various items.

How is the Rallye 16 inch numbered door panel graphics affixed to the cars? We first experimented with a magnetized graphic, but later discovered that cars with too much body filler, or fiberglass body panels, would not accept this type. Can this potentially harm the finish of the car? Yes. we've made every effort to explore numerous material options, including static cling graphics, but ultimately settled on a low-tac vinyl graphic. We can't guarantee that this graphic won't harm your car's painted finish, therefore, it's up to the discretion of each car owner to apply the graphic or not. The Vdub Hub, it's organizers and affiliates can not be held liable to any damages to your automobile as a result of the application of this graphic.

Can any automobile participate in this event? Only vehicles with air cooled motors are allowed to participate. No water cooled vehicles are allowed. Your car must be considered "Vintage" or "Classic" or "Historical", and should not be manufactured after 1976, there or about that time.

How many people are allowed in my car for this event? You must have a minimum of two people, (1) driver and (1) navigator passenger. Your $50.00 event entree fee only covers two people. You are allowed to bring as many people in your car, that is legally allowed, but they will have to pay for their own meals.

What if we have a breakdown during the Rallye? Our main sponsor, Hagerty, has agreed to have a support vehicle available for our participants on the day of this event. Cellular phone service is intermittent on our Rallye route. Certain areas of the course will not allow your mobile device to connect.

Is this a race? Is speed a factor in this event? The Rallye Rare-Air is based on skill, timing, and navigation, not speed. Everyone who participates in the Rallye is expected to follow all State and County driving laws and regulations, including posted maximum speed limits. To participate, your vehicle must display current registration and meet all safety standards outlined in the vehicle code handbook. All drivers must have in their possession a current DMV vehicle registration and automobile insurance, and valid driver's license, on the day of the event.

If the event is canceled or postponed, will I receive a refund? Yes. We will honor a complete refund, only if the event is canceled.