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Due to the uncertainty of the Coronavirus and factors beyond our control, this event may be postponed or canceled at any time. Anyone officially registered will receive email updates on the status of this event. You will not lose your place in line once you have pre-registered.
The VDub Hub, in association with Vintage Volkswagen Club of America and Rare Vintage Air Car Club, presents "RALLYE RARE- AIR", Saturday, October 10, 2020.

The event is limited to 100 Air-Cooled only vintage automobiles of any make or model. This includes Aircooled Volkswagen, Porsche, Corviar, Citroen, Fiat, Tatra and NSU Prinz.
The Rallye begins at Pearson Park, 400 N Harbor Blvd., Anaheim, California. Officially registered participants are asked to be at this location to sign in promptly at 7:00 am and queue your place in line. At that time, you'll receive your Rallye Swag Pack and Course Maps. Drivers, please check-in at the front entrance of Pearson Park's Amphitheater, located on North Lemon Street. Park your cars in any of the parking spaces that surround Pearson Park, located on the following streets (N. Harbor Blvd., W. Sycamore St., N. Lemon St., and W. Cypress St.)
PLEASE TAKE NOTE: We ask that you please be respectful of the nearby homeowners by NOT parking in any of the residential neighborhoods or revving your engines upon your arrival.

We'll capture the spirit of traditional Euro-Style Rallies, but on a smaller scale. You'll receive your FREE official Rallye Rare-Air numbered license plate for the front of your car. Magnetized Rallye number for your door panel, commemorative Rallye Rare-Air Dashboard Badge and Rallye stickers can be purchased from our online Rallye Rare-Air store.

To participate, each car interred into the Rallye must occupy one driver and one navigator passenger. No solo drivers will be allowed to participate in the Rallye.

This is a competition Rallye based on driving and navigation skills, not speed. Drivers are required by law to obey all city and county traffic laws and posted speed limits.

The Rally Rare-Air will take place through an undisclosed scenic route in Orange County, California, and last the entire day, ending with an event catered lunch, awards ceremony, and car show, at our final destination.